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The Hair & Beauty Hub


The dictionary defines passion as strong emotion or great enthusiasm. At The Hair  and Beauty Hub it is defined as an unwavering commitment to providing a professional service of the highest order that places the client at the centre of a transformative experience. Anita Baatjies, founder and owner, had a deep desire to   develop a brand that would be synonymous with total hair and beauty care provided in a professional and caring environment. Using every inch of experience gained over the span of a twenty-year career, she crafted a space where clients are not only

seen as consumers but are treated as partners. As with all things worth having, the start was not an easy one, but despite early setbacks this dream came alive in 2005 when the salon officially opened its doors. Since then the business has been thriving and this is due to its unwavering commitment to professionalism and maintaining the highest technical standards. Continuous professional development and holistic staff development has enabled The Hair and Beauty Hub to keep abreast of the dynamic and evolutionary world of hair and beauty. There is no ‘I’ in the word team, and nowhere is this more true than at The Hair and Beauty Hub. The staff is an equally important partner in ensuring the well-being of the business. They are fellow carriers of the salon’s vision. The principle of Ubuntu proclaims that we express our humanity when we allow others to express their humanity. This is true in the case of The Hair and Beauty Hub as well. While the business originally focused on the retail market, opportunities soon opened up to enter into the corporate market and this would not have been realised without the help and support of the Wella Salon Visions programme.

Wella has been a committed partner from the conception and birth of the
business, and their Salon Visions programme has been the ideal vehicle to drive the The Hair and Beauty Hub’s expansion. The flagship salon has now been joined by two corporate salons and a new retail salon focusing on a totally different target market.Like siblings in a happy family, each of these salons gives expression to the environment in which they operate as well as to the characters and personalities of the staff that work there. In this way a sense of ownership is fostered in the staff as they see themselves as extensions of the visionary. The brand identity remains the common thread that runs through these salons but individual expression is not only encouraged but demanded. One of The Hair and Beauty Hub’s key objectives for the future is the establishment of a fully accredited training academy. The Hair and Beauty Hub is no overnight success story. Hard work, commitment and a dedication to the industry, together with enduring industry partners, committed suppliers, dedicated staff and loyal clients are the factors that will see the Hair and Beauty Hub go from strength to strength.

Salon Visions
Are you thinking about upgrading your salon or opening a new salon? Now you can. Imagine the salon you have always dreamed of…laid out with up-to-date
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Achieve a tailor-made look with Welonda Professional Salon Design Service. Submit your floor plan for a professionally designed salon layout and choose from a unique range of quality furniture specifically designed for salon use. With the emphasis on luxury, comfort, quality and style, Welonda furniture is manufactured to the highest German manufacturing standards.

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